About Power of Patients:

The Power of Patients offers traumatic brain injury support. The website is designed to help victims of traumatic brain injuries, and their caregivers; but we cannot stop there. We need to include the research community. Our goal is to empower you. To help you tell your story, track your symptoms, educate you about clinical trials and share the treatment paths I took with my daughters.

Power of Patients is transparent platform. We will build a dashboard for each individual, to monitor and “see” what is happening to themselves and we will educate you about clinical trial research.

“We are democratizing TBI care and research.”

Lynne Becker, Founder

My Story:

I have learned through my 2 daughters’ distinctively different head injuries, concussions versus TBI, that if you have seen 1 brain injury, then you have only experienced 1 brain injury. No 2 brain injuries are alike.

I have spent over 20 years designing clinical research trials in many therapeutic areas and never have I encountered such ridicule, misalignment of treatment recommendations, and pure ignorance from the clinicians who did not want to dig deeper and listen to my daughters’ cases. It was a test of my patience, but more importantly, a test to my commitment to understand what has happened to my daughters and how to help them. Through my journey, I want to share this knowledge I have and help you.

Person after person has asked me how did I know what to do. I explained that I believed it was because of my training and my career. But now, when I take a moment and truly reflect, I didn’t know what to do; but I kept on digging. I couldn’t accept recommendations and answers that made no sense. When a clinician only spends 5-10 minutes with your child and dismisses what you are explaining to them, and ignoring the research publications you are bringing them, it’s time to take a stand.

We know that if a body is given time to rest and the right environment, it will heal. So I stayed true to my knowledge, my experiences, my beliefs; but most of all I stayed true to my daughters. There were times I nearly gave up, I didn’t know what else to do, but somehow after I took a break I came back with a new perspective. I never quit. It was my daughters, I couldn’t quit. I was all they had.

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