Emerging Startup in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Develops a Novel Machine Learning Approach to Self-Reported Data

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Charleston, SC | Boston, MA: Power of Patients, LLC is an emerging healthcare-technology company that is redesigning the way people with TBIs and their caregivers manage this life-long condition. Power of Patients’ mission is to empower TBI patients by offering them a free, customized symptom and trigger tracking dashboard, while learning about new clinical trial therapies that may improve their lives. Because so little clinical trial research has been done on TBIs, CEO and Founder Lynne Becker has made it her goal to increase awareness and advocate for clinical trial research initiatives for traumatic brain injuries.

I have learned through my 2 daughters’ distinctively different head injuries, concussions versus TBI, that if you have seen 1 brain injury, then you have only experienced 1 brain injury. No 2 brain injuries are alike,” says Lynne Becker CEO / Founder at Power of Patients.

Features and benefits of the Power of Patients Dashboard include.

  • Free, personalized customized symptom and trigger tracking system for patients and caregivers to manage their TBI
  • Options to share your real-time data with your provider
  • Educate users about clinical trials and how they can participate

The user dashboard is NOW LIVE and to celebrate this, we are kicking off a fundraising and awareness campaign concurring with National Concussion Day on September 18. The dashboard is free for users and people can learn more here www.powerofpatients.com.

As we currently have users on our Dashboard, we are already looking at ways to make improvements to their experience. We’d like to expand it to the caregiver and acquired brain injury communities, revolutionize the way the platform collects and displays data, and allow users to track more than three symptoms, but we need your help. We have a fundraiser running until the end of the month, donate and/or share to help us continue fight for the health of TBI survivors and their caregivers.

Background: The founder has worked in the clinical trial industry for over 20 years. When the founder became a fulltime caregiver for her daughters, she discovered how severe the knowledge gap is among the health care providers as well as the lack of clinical trials. Drawing upon her expertise in corporate, academic, and government research, Power of Patients is developing a TBI ecosystem that serves patients, clinicians, and the clinical trial research industry.

For more information email us at lynne@poowerofpatients.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for more information about traumatic brain injuries and what we are doing to help.



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