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After walking away from a car crash that should have taken his and his family’s lives, Shawn Springs was not puzzled by his luck, but, instead, how the car seat in the back of his car remained intact even though the car crumpled upon impact. The following day Shawn stared at the compressed car and said a prayer for sparing his family’s lives. All he could think of was “How were we spared?”.

This became the moment that pivoted Shawn’s life. You see, Shawn is no ordinary father, he is a former NFL player for

the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. Shortly after the crash, he found himself in his home staring at

his trophy collection of helmets, not only his but his father’s too who was a professional football player for the Dallas Cowboys in the 80’s. Shawn could not help but draw comparisons between the helmets both he and his father had used in the NFL, and the way the impact affected the car but not the car seat. That is when Shawn’s “how” became the “why?”. 

Realizing helmet technology was essentially the same since his father’s professional football days motivated Shawn to resolve to make a change for the sport that he wants to protect, for the children he loves, and the service men and women that he holds dear to his heart.

His “why” then expanded to asking “Why weren’t football helmets being re-designed to be safer, like his child’s car seat and like the automobile industry whose collapsible technology spared his and his family’s lives. Shawn was determined to learn why and was positioned to make a change.

Unable to find anything adequate happening in the helmet market, Shawn Springs set out to create his own contribution in the sports world in the form of a safer helmet. Shawn is not just asking; he is spearheading a new company that is making technological advances in protective helmets for sports and combat. It is called Windpact and they are showing promising results.

Windpact technologies uses controlled air flow and open cell foams in a proprietary manner that increases safety metrics like no other. And they don’t stop there. The company has a proprietary crash cloud technology that simulates real-world impact to intelligently assess real world collisions; regardless if it’s in the field, a car or the battleground.

Shawn boasts that he has surrounded himself with teammates, just like in his football days, with some of the best he could find. This group has expanded Windpact’s horizons by winning awards from the Natick labs in the US government.

is making great advances to protect individuals from head traumas, however the question remains will this technology reduce the chronic, long-term effects from a head trauma regardless of how the trauma occurs? Windpact knows that head injuries will occur, but if they can minimize traumatic brain injury effects, then they are heading in a positive path.

Only time and impact will be able to determine this. For this very reason, it is important to begin collecting injury stories; which is what Power of Patients is doing, to assess future, measurable outcomes of products like Windpact. Labs and simulators can only predict from the data input. The real-world test will come from the field. Shawn Springs is leading Windpact to pioneer impact reduction and Power of Patients is pleased to able to support them in their endeavors.

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