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Did you know that every year in the United States approximately 2.8 million people sustain a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)? 

Of that number, nearly 90% are diagnosed with a TBI, treated, and released from an emergency department. Yet life after a TBI can be drastically different. Long after leaving the hospital many TBI survivors are left with lingering symptoms and an unpredictable recovery due to the existing gaps in understanding and a shortage of TBI research.

This is where the Power of Patients Dashboard can help. Tracking symptoms and triggers helps users to explain how they’re feeling and document their TBI. The Dashboard enables users to better manage their care and empowers TBI patients with their own data.

How To Print Your Report

We are working on a new print feature. Until that is ready there is a way to print your report and share this with your HCPs (Health Care Providers).

From your desktop

1. Open your report you wish to print, 5-day or 30-day view

2. In Windows: Hold the CTRL button & press the P  key

3. Your print dialogue box will appear for your home printer

NOTE: for MACs, use the ⌘ button

You Asked – We Answered

Q: Why is there a slider scale on the Dashboard instead of categories?

The Dashboard is about personalization and with the slider we are able to gather more information that is specific to you. The slider scale enables more interactivity in response but it also enables you to indicate more precisely your symptom intensity changes over time.

For example, on Day 1 you record an intensity level of 50 and on Day 2 you record an intensity level of 40, that’s a change of 10. But let’s say on Day 3 you record an 80 intensity level, that’s a big change and tracking the change is what is so important with a brain injury, not categories- so keep sliding!

Did you watch our latest webinar on TBIs and Vision Therapy?

We had 82 registrants join us for the first of a three-part series where we hosted neuro-optometry expert Dr. Yamam Almouradi who discussed the importance of vision, common symptoms of vision issues, and available treatment strategies.

To find all of our videos sign in to your Power of Patients account and on the Dashboard click the Media tab, which hosts all of our past webinars. Not registered? Register today for free access.

Sign Up Today for the Dashboard!

Power of Patients endeavors to transform the way that concussions and traumatic brain injuries are identified, understood, defined, and treated across the world. Through our free Dashboard, we’d like to showcase individual symptoms and triggers so people can accurately report any trends to their healthcare providers.

Track multiple times everyday is here!

We’ll be releasing a how-to video on Social Media next week.

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